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The short story:

Michelle Konstantinovsky is a San Francisco-based freelance journalist/marketing specialist/ghostwriter and UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism alumna.

She’s written extensively on health, body image, entertainment, lifestyle, design, and tech for outlets like Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Teen VogueO: The Oprah Magazine, Seventeen, Slate, SPIN, EntrepreneurxoJane, SF Weekly7×7 Magazine, The Huffington PostHelloGiggles, WebMD, and a whole lot more. She’s also a contributing editor and social media director at California Home + Design. She is an avid admirer of shiny objects and preteen entertainment.

The longer version:

Locked in a room with nothing but a laptop, a deadline, and a steady stream of questionable pop and hip hop tracks from the early 2000s, I would be in my happy place. I’m Michelle, and I’m obsessed with writing.

It’s an addiction that started early, and my Russian immigrant parents have hoarded the evidence. Among my mother’s impressive collection of unusable fabric scraps and lidless Tupperware containers sits my very first novel: An action-adventure tale starring my favorite stuffed animal. I found the assignment to be rather unsophisticated, but my skills and talent have really evolved since that second grade endeavor, and I believe my willingness to tackle the mediocre material really speaks to my can-do attitude.

I’ve managed to add quite a bit to my resume since that first gig, and I’ve had the incredible fortune of working alongside some of my biggest heroes in the process. After graduating from UC Davis with dual degrees in Psychology and English, I started a four-year stint at the West Coast offices for SPIN Magazine, contributing an array of entertainment content to both SPIN and its San Francisco-based sister publications 7×7 and California Home + Design.

I then enrolled in UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2011 and had the unbelievable opportunity to work as a research assistant to professor, author, journalist, and eternal role model, Michael Pollan. I also spent several months in Los Angeles working with the team at HelloGiggles, a female-friendly website created by Zooey Deschanel. I wrote an arsenal of articles for the site, and my piece on pro-anorexia websites and the “fat-shaming” of supermodel Kate Upton racked up 300K page views, 24K Facebook likes, 500 Tweets, and 135 comments.

In my final year of grad school, I was awarded the Kaiser Permanente Health Policy Journalism Fellowship, which funded my two-part thesis project exploring health disparities in eating disorders. “Not Your Daughter’s Eating Disorder” ran in the May 2013 issue of O: The Oprah Magazine, and “Eating Disorders Do Not Discriminate” was featured in Slate. I also won the J-School’s Gobind Behari Lal Award for Excellence in Reporting on a Science or Health-Related Story (watch a video interview about the project below, if you like!).

I’ve written numerous health, entertainment, lifestyle, design, and tech articles since graduating from Berkeley in 2013, and  contributed to outlets including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Teen VogueO: The Oprah Magazine, Seventeen, Slate, SPIN, EntrepreneurxoJane, SF Weekly7×7 Magazine, and more. I also spend a lot of time creating content for brands like WebMD, One Medical Group, Pure Storage, Walgreens, and a bunch of clients I can’t tell you about because you don’t know I’m ghostwriting for them (surprise!). You can check out a bunch of clips on this site, but I’ll happily send along more info, references, and photocopies of my second grade novel if necessary.

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